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Our Parks are Not For Sale!

"Once they're sold, they're gone forever."

Did you know that the Mayor and the Carmel City Council are fast-tracking the sale of the heart of Mission Trail Preserve/Park - 1.25 acres of public parkland - and allow it to become a private, single-family residence?

We need your help to prevent the council from going forward with the sale.  Here is why:

It guts the city's largest park.  Mission Trail Preserve/Park is the most popular and widely used park.  This would remove the heart of the park from public use.  See the map on the right.

It's irreversible.  This amounts to selling our city's precious inheritance.  The city won't be able to buy it back.

It conflicts with the law.  The proposed sale violates the city's General Plan and Local Coastal Land Use Plan regarding parkland preservation and enhancement.

It is irresponsible.  The economic gain to the city is very small compared to the public's environmental and recreational loss.

It's bad economics.  There may be an insignificant return on this sale in this economy.

We need your help in spreading the word about this Sale and why it is bad for Carmel today and in the future.


Help Us Keep Mission Trail Preserve/Park Whole!

The Flanders Foundation and the Friends of Flanders believe that it is wrong for the city to sell off such valuable community assets for a short term financial gain.  "Once parkland, open space and historic properties are sold, they are gone forever".  There are not and will not be the dollars to replace them, not at Carmel prices!  When the sale money is used up no one will ever remember where it went, yet the public will have lost significant community treasures.

Why is this parkland and Flanders worth saving?  The Flanders Mansion is one of two sites in Carmel that are on the National Register of Historic Places and is an outstanding example of Craftsman style architecture.  The house sits within Carmelís largest open space, Mission Trail Nature Preserve/Park, an environmentally sensitive habitat, home to countless varieties of birds, plants, shrubs and animals.  The preserve, with its 5 miles of trails and various habitats including the grounds of the house, is a major recreational asset to Carmel residents and visitors.  Within this preserve lies the route which Father Serra, the Franciscan padres and Viscaino took between Carmel Mission and the Monterey Presidio.  This is the only portion of the route left and you can walk it!

Our Foundation believes that the City should not carve one and one/half acres out of the center of the nature preserve and sell it to a private individual or family, thereby removing Flanders and this parkland from community enjoyment by creating walls or fences in this unique open space.  This was not the intent of the city council in the early days.  At the time of its purchase the comment was made that purchasing the Flanders and Doolittle acreage which formed the park would be for Carmel what Golden Gate Park has become to San Francisco.  How is it possible today to even consider supporting the idea of the "sale" of Flanders and carving out a "chunk" of our nature preserve?  Having these valuable assets within our city limits helps to identify Carmel as the very special place it is.  They are part of our heritage.  We should do everything we can to save our assets - not sell them!

HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP to save Flanders and parkland for your family, friends and generations to come:

1.  Write a Letter to the Editor

Monterey Herald, Email mheditor@montereyherald.com with subject "Letter to the Editor," Fax 372-8401

Carmel Pine Cone, Email mail@carmelpinecone.com with subject "Letter to the Editor," Fax 624-8076

Monterey County Weekly, Email mail@mcweekly.com with subject "Letter to the Editor," Fax 394-2909

2.  DONATE to the Flanders Foundation, P.O. Box 1414, Carmel, CA  93921

Thank you for your kind and generous support!

Join us on one of our walks! Call 626-3826 or 620-0532 for information and reservations.

3.  Talk to your friends and neighbors about the Park and the Flanders mansion.


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